ogden reservoirs from top

Day 74 it is they that bear witness about me

I was out early to do some walking around Pendle Hill. The sun seemed reticent about appearing through the clouds and it took  while to warm up from the chill, but soon as the walking had started it was a cheery walk and pleasant day. There is something that fascinates me about maps. Even though I have the paper maps and a compass, I quite enjoy the digital versions you can get on apps on a phone so as a backup you should be able to tell exactly where you are.

John 5:39 

You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness about me

People search the Bible for advice and a good way to live. Perhaps less people do that now than they did years ago! But there are still people searching. There is advice in there and other inspiration, after all it is the inspired word of God. But even though they may lead us into a good life, like a map will lead us on the right track. The bible can not save us or give us eternal salvation, that is through submitting ourselves under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Jesus in John 5:30-47  is telling everyone how He came testifying hearing all from the Father, and how John came testifying about Him and how the scriptures testify about Him. It seems that many things point to Jesus but people do not hear and see. You can hear Jesus’ anguish in his words as He is trying to get them to hear His word.

looking down to ogden reservoirs
looking down to ogden reservoirs

Nature is also screaming out somedays to try to get people to understand that it testifies to God, it leads to God. Nature, created and designed by God testifies about God. It does not give salvation in itself. It may lead to God, to Jesus and to salvation through Jesus, but it can not give salvation in itself.

I pray tonight that we enjoy nature created by God and that we explore it more and follow its tracks and pathways. But I pray more that we will gain a deeper understanding of God and that we go away and pray to God. I pray we gain that experience of Jesus by submitting to His Lordship.


with blessings


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