Nelson Methodist to St Marys

Day 60 Where two or three are gathered together

Tonight I had a sermon to deliver at Nelson ind Methodist Church. It was a warm welcome and wonderful Spirit filled service. I always get nervous before talking, but the music seemed to calm me down. I really enjoyed the simple service and how it was open to go which ever way that the Lord would direct.

The photograph shows the spire of St Marys church in Nelson. The contrast between the cold and warmth (in the weather) is clear to see. Indeed on driving home I had to drive carefully through a snow blizzard for about ten minutes until it cleared.

Jesus’ message is often seen as an opposite. The good news of the gospel compared to what we are expected to do. Follow Jesus, let him into your heart – sounds a good message. Become a slave of the Lord, fear the Lord your God -these sound pretty grim, especially to the youngsters.

Jesus does not make becoming a disciple of his an easy task. It at first seems simple, have faith! But confess  Jesus is Lord, and pick up your cross and follow me can seem hard asks.

Matthew 18:20

 For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.

Jesus didn’t have an easy life full of luxury, but He did have friends around him that supported Him, despite them being seemingly confused and bewildered most of the time. They went around supporting Him with the practical tasks; pulling the stone away from Lazarus’ tomb (John 11:41), distributing the bread in the feeding of the thousands miracles(John 6:10-11), baptising people under Jesus’ observations (John 4). But from the beginning, in the wilderness He was on His own until the Angels ministered to Him.

We have to bare the cross, spread the word the take on challenges put before us, but we are not alone!

All the churches are pockets of prayer, building power up, they are praying each week and at other times. Each church has a community of friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, and looking across the towns and villages the churches have other brothers and sisters who we should be able to call upon in times of need. We should be seeking ecumenism on a global size, not just a county.

This then makes the burden of sacrifice and service to God an easy burden to carry because we should all help each other if we have need.

This morning I listened to an elderly man who was full of things going wrong and I simply asked “could I pray for you?” We should Pray Until Something Happens. (PUSH) as my son’s wristband says.

I pray for each others burdens to be made light as Simon the Cyrene helped Jesus with His cross.  I pray for the glory of God to come down and make His presence know tonight and this week in our churches, workplaces, and homes throughout the world. I pray for God’s glory in nature to be evident to more people so they can too start their journey towards Jesus.


with blessings




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