ivy around tree

Day 41 this is My blood of the new covenant

How wonderful that in the winter months we have signs that life will renew itself. Looking outside the kitchen window i see some snow drops that are just waiting for their chance to bloom, perhaps waiting for a few sunny days to have their glory. There are other small flowers that are popping up everywhere. As well there are coniferous trees that stay green all year. Through the cold months there is hope and life for us to see.

A deciduous tree stands in a garden and it is surrounded by ivy, it is cloaked in the ivy keeping it warm and also providing much needed habitat for birds and insects to make their home there.

ivy without colour
ivy without colour


If you will read the news often you might be despairing as the world seems full of hate, and it is very easy to go on the attack. The world can sometimes – at least too me – seem like there is no colour left in it, like it has just drained out and everyone is going crazy.

The world is full of sin, including myself.

But our faith in Christ is the answer. The blood that was shed for us is still having an impact on our lives and there is nothing, even the forces of evil that can take this gift away from us. When I have offended someone, the Holy Spirit lets me know pretty quick, when I have snapped, or treated someone ill, God lets me know.

You may be forgiven for thinking that the colour has drained out of the picture, but look closer, there is small red droplets. The crown that was around Jesus forehead pierced him and blood was dripping from his wounds. It is almost like the tree is bleeding through the ivy.

bleeding tree
bleeding tree

Jesus shed His blood for the sins of the world, and we are told that it is the payment for many that accept Him. We can not do good deeds to gain Gods confidence, we are by nature sinful, and so there is one payment that was payed nearly two thousand years ago. The blood of Christ.

Matthew 26:28 

For this is My blood of the new covenant,

which is shed for many for the remission of sins.

I pray the blood of Christ washes you clean of your sins and we all come to accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour so that we can stand in front of God and praise His Holy name.


With blessings


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