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Day 12 A river of fire

Morning came and the usual commute started. Getting into the car, putting on lights and joining the many other thousands that were travelling along the motorways that morning, trying to keep focussed on the road, aware of the many red lights all around. The motorways at times can seem like huge red and white snakes, and certainly it is not advisable to let your mind wander, many listening to music to take their minds off the journey or what might lay ahead for them in their day.

As I came to some traffic lights, my window was down, no music was playing in my car and I could hear the birds singing – how I wish I could identify the birds just by the sounds. How wonderful it must have been to be Adam in that garden to name all the animals, day dreaming the lights turn green and I drive on just thanking the Lord for their musical sounds.

Working all day, especially in the winter months in a building with not much natural light doesn’t give you much scope for taking pictures of nature, especially if you start before it is light and finish after it becomes dark, and today was no exception.

I struggled with reflection today, no excuses, just some days I just plain find it hard to focus on God. But travelling back I started to unwind and think of a picture to stimulate a reflection. I felt quite hopeless like what could I take a picture of, until I saw the motorway approaching from the distance, and the sun gone but a few rays of light remained to light up the horizon.

The picture shows the winding motorway moving like a snake through the valleys. It reminded me instantly of a river of fire. How each morning and evening I would be travelling on this river of fire. Pitting my wits once more against all the inpatient drivers to get ahead on the road to save an odd minute.

Daniel 7:10

A river of fire was pouring out, flowing from his presence. Millions of angels ministered to him; many millions stood to attend him. Then the court began its session, and the books were opened.

This must be an awesome spectacle, millions of angels, and millions of others attending Him. It must have been a wonderful sight for Daniel to see in a vision, but there is a note of caution. There is a court and books were being opened.

Thoughts of my judgment in front of God sometimes pass through my mind, usually when I have a big decision to make. When questioned of what happens after deaf, I can but answer and say that God will surely not let us down if we remain faithful, but I can not prove it to those that argue against me.

To be honest, I never really heard any preaching about if you do wrong you will be going to a fiery furness or anything of that fairytale sort – very similar to the father Christmas story, do good and you will be fine, do bad and you will be on the bad list.

But here is were I find it strange. God came to save the sinners, in effect the bad boys and girls, providing they put their faith in Him, He didn’t come to save the righteous.

Mark 2:17

17 When Jesus heard it, He said to them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance.”

That puts me at ease, because I am in need of healing every day, I want to be more like Christ in every way. I am starting to even wonder if life is to some extent an interruption with our beautiful re-acquaintance with God.

I have heard people give convincing talks about how the church scares people into believing in God, and that no one ever has come back to tell otherwise – but that is were they are wrong. There has only been one person that has come back from the other side, and that being Jesus.

I don’t go through life as being fearful, but joyful, full of hope, at least I have been since Jesus came to me. I have learnt to accept that God is guiding me, and you, if you let Him. And with that sort of guidance there is much to be joyful about.

So as I end another day I offer up my prayer to you Lord, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit that you should keep us joyfully worshipping you, give us life, never let our fire within quench and let us be thrust forward with hope to proclaim your Gospel that your only begotten Son came to earth as a baby and experienced joy and suffering as we all do. I pray that all who are suffering this night and this week shall have your joy, share that river of eternal living water with them and with us.




2 thoughts on “Day 12 A river of fire

  1. Dear Graham,
    I am overwhelmed by the beauty of your photos and humbled by your reflections. What you are writing and showing is making me want to be a better person with Christ. I promise to work towards that. Thank you so much. With love and prayers, Elizabeth


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