Day 2 And the child grew strong with Spirit

This morning I watched the sunrise gradually climb over the horizon. The dark black and grey gradually got took over with the injection of colour as the sun’s first rays hit the trees, and as they did the bird that sat patiently on the tree flew up into the air to greet the morning sunlight and its warmth. The bird perhaps had the same anticipation  and feeling of joy as  Peter had when he saw Jesus again and jumped out of the boat and swam to meet him. (John 21:7)

The sun in all its beauty took time to arrive, it didn’t just suddenly appear. The same is true with all of God’s great creation. Genesis tells us that God laboured for 6 days over his creation. He didn’t just suddenly create it with the snap of his fingers, but he lovingly laboured over each part. Now whether you think he lovingly laboured for six of our days or six periods of time that equate to God’s day, I don’t think is that important. What is important is that God took His time over everything He did. Anything I have rushed in life seems to just end in disaster, taking time to check and do things correctly the first time always pays off.

On new years eve I went to the beach at Crosby for a walk with the kids and friends. We saw the quite inspiring statues that are all stuck into the sand. From a distance they look quite awe inspiring like people are just gazing out into the sea, expecting something to come, waiting. As you get closer to them you see they are starting to weather as the elements eat away at the statues changing their colour. It would be great to return in many years ahead and capture them in picture as they age and change. As the elements created by God gradually change man’s creation from something quite crude into a wondrous natural work of art.

Statues - Anthony Gormley
Work of art by Anthony Gormley weathered by the elements.

After Adam and Eve’s disastrous fall from grace God didn’t just snap his fingers and re-create all a-new. He took time to bring His great salvation plan into fruition. It took time for God to come to earth, and it took time for God to grow up as Jesus experiencing the joys and sorrows of life without the Apostles questioning his every move, as a child, as a young adult. In Luke 1:80 and Luke 2:40 we are told that both John the Baptist and Jesus both grew strong in Spirit, it took time.  Just like it took time for the sun to come over the horizon this morning, it will take time for God’s Spirit to grow within all of us. It takes careful preparation for God’s work to come to fruition, careful special time in prayer and seeking God’s presence. Just like when Moses followed God’s instructions to prepare the tabernacle it took time to prepare before they could experience God’s presence. Exodus 39:32-43

I pray that God’s work changes your life and moulds you into a follower of Christ.



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